There is nothing more important than being happy with the product that is being created.  This involves two parts: happiness with the styling and happiness with the functionality.  In the pricing section, we outline the importance of simplicity which, in turn, relates to the functionality of the site.  What was not discussed, however, was the styling of the site.  We use a mix of products to accomplish the look and feel of the website.  The most important product in this group is Photoshop.  With Photoshop, we can take your ideas and and make them a reality.  Now, we understand that you might not have the best idea of what the normal layout/configuration of a website is but that is why we are here to guide you.  If you would like to step outside of the norm and create something truly different we would be happy to work with you to figure out how to accomplish your goal.

Along with the design of a website I can also help you design business cards, letter heads, apparel, and more.  Your idea is my innovation!


Social Media

One of the best ways to get your name out there and advertise for free is social media.  Social media is a web based technology that is used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals.  Great examples of this are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc…  The management of all of these types of social media can become rather time consuming. Therefore, we can show you how to automate many of these actions to save you some valuable time.  In addition, we can also take some of these social medias and incorporate them into your site to make it more dynamic and interactive.

Starting off in the world of Social Media can be rather intimidating with finding people to “like” you and trying to find content that is going to be helpful to your customer. That’s why we are here.  We can help you figure out what content draws the biggest crowd of people and gathers the most attention in the world of social media.



What is SEO?  Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the placement of your website on a search engine list when someone searches something related to your site.  For example, your site is and you are located in Chicago, IL. If someone searches “shoes near Chicago”, where do you come up on the list? SEO can be one of the most important aspects of your site. After all, how do you find the site of a company that you “kind of” know the name to?  Your answer is probably going to be Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  This is because 95% of all web hits are generated by search engines.  Since this number is so high (95%), you will find many companies whose sole purpose is SEO. However, working with these companies can be very expensive and may not generate the results you are looking for.  One way around the high dollar price of placing your website at the top is to build a structurally sound website that is mapped well.  This is where we take over to make sure that you are getting the best placement possible.



All websites that we design come with an email address for up to two user when hosted with us.  An email address such as looks much more professional then  Not only does this look more professional this also gives you the ability to keep all your business info in one place.  We will also help you setup your new business email on any smart phone or device.

We also support the use of a gmail client.  This allows you to setup up to 5 email addresses on googles server while using your websites domain.  Google offers a large array of tool such as a business calendar and Google docs.



Hosting is very important!  Hosing determines the speed of your site and how often its down for maintenance.  The work of finding a good host can be difficult and you never know if you are getting a good deal.  Let us take that stress away from you and take care of the maintenance and constant backups.  Hosing with us will also allow us to trouble shoot any issues you might have later down the road.  Our servers use mySQL and utilize cPanel for control panel usage (not necessary for most users).  We can also help you find a domain name.  Sometimes its hard to find a domain that is not already taken and can be even harder trying to find something that relates to your business and still makes you happy.  We have gone through this many times and can help you with this process.



Now that we have done all that work its time to figure out what kind of traffic you’re getting and where that traffic is coming from.  A lot of time companies will use advertisements in order to gain interest of users or will use a flyer that is not web based.  Either way we can help you figure out what marketing strategy has been the most effective for you so you can prepare to be more effective in your next wave of advertising.  The sole purpose of analysis is to make your dollar more effective because we all know that money does not grow on trees and in the economy you need to stretch it where it counts!